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The idea of filing for bankruptcy may be scary for many people who are going through difficult financial situations. With the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, you can confidently assess your unique debt circumstances and evaluate your legal and financial options. Our law firm provides support and expertise throughout every stage of the bankruptcy process.

While bankruptcy can be an effective legal avenue to entirely discharge or reduce many different kinds of debt. There are certain types of debt that it cannot eliminate. Bankruptcy is generally a beneficial option for resolving unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, utilities, business debts, lease agreements, personal loans between family or friends, some personal injury judgments, certain income tax debts, and student loans in very specific circumstances.

At Congeni Law Firm, we work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to help them understand the types of bankruptcy they are eligible for and which debt relief plan makes the most sense for each individual's situation and goals. Chapter 7 allows you to completely wipe out debt and is generally reserved for those whose financial situation is dire. A bankruptcy means test is used to measure whether your income level is low enough to qualify for this chapter. Chapter 13 is also called reorganization bankruptcy because it involves a long-term process of paying your some or all of your debt down over time. With Chapter 13 you are usually able to retain your properties whereas with Chapter 7, debtors often have to give back some assets in order to repay their creditors.

Having worked with countless individuals to resolve personal debt as well as many small and large companies across the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette regions, Leo Congeni is the right attorney to handle your personal or business bankruptcy case or commercial litigation issues. If you are facing financial challenges or need help with business litigation, contact our New Orleans bankruptcy law firm today at 504-522-4848.